LRD2100: Capacitive Label Sensor

for Metal-Free Labels (Clear or Paper)

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This award winning capacitive clear label sensor features accurate, reliable, stable registration for clear and paper labels and eliminates the need for costly “eye-marks” on label webs..
Adjustments are not required when changing roll stock or when the environment changes.
This clear label sensor is also great for detecting splices! It works great with paper labels too.

Speed = Accuracy

Capacitive technology is by far the fastest label sensing technology. Faster = more accurate registration and label placement.
Compare 20 µs to 300-500 µs of other technologies.

For metallic labels or labels with foil-stamp artwork – use the LRD6110.

  • Clear-on-clear, Opaque, Paper, Printed labels
  • Adjustments not necessary after initial setup
  • Easy operation
  • Faster than optical sensors
  • Industry standard output
  • Lion Precision reliability
  • Splice Detection
  • Two-Year Warranty (details)
  • CE and RoHS compliant

Life-Cycle Status: Active


LRD2100 with attached cable: P014-4663
LRD2100C with M12, 5-pin connector: P014-4664
Cable for LRD2100C: 6200-0081

Capacitive Label Sensor Specifications

Response Time

20 µs


0.008″ (0.2 mm)

Switching Frequency

10 kHz

Operating Temp



NPN, PNP Open collector

Power In

+11-28 VDC
Short-Circuit and Overload Protection



lrd2100 sensor mechanical drawing


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