LRD6110: Capacitive Label Sensor
for Most Label Types

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The LRD6110 capacitive label sensor senses most labels: clear, paper, metallic artwork, metallic inks, foils, or hot-stamps and eliminates the need for costly “eye-marks” on label webs. It will also sense splices! Solid foil labels where the artwork is printed on foil will work best with the LRD8200.

Speed = Accuracy

Capacitive technology is by far the fastest label sensing technology. Faster = more accurate registration and label placement – on most types of labels.
Compare 20 µs to 300-500 µs of other technologies.

See the new setup video:

setup video

  • Clear on Clear, Opaque, Printed, Metallic
  • Ten-Segment Display for Easy Setup
  • Metal Adjustment Screws
  • Easy setup (Video)
  • Two-Year Warranty (details)
  • RoHS Compliant

Life-Cycle Status: Active


LRD6110 with attached cable: P015-3380
LRD6110C with M12, 5-pin connector: P015-3382
Cable for LRD6110C: 6200-0081

Capacitive Label Sensor Specifications

Response Time

20 µs


0.015″ (0.4 mm)

Switching Frequency

10 kHz

Operating Temp



NPN, PNP Open collector

Power In

+11-28 VDC
Short-Circuit and Overload Protection





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