Vertical screwdriver operating stand

The stand constantly keeps the screwdriver in a vertical position, allowing accurate screw tightening and preventing any faulty screw adjustments. 
□VMS-40 Prop 515mm
(Compatible models:All the models except for VZ series)

□VMS-50 Prop 615mm
(Compatible models: All the models except for VZ series)

□VMS-50VZ Prop 615m
(Compatible models: Exclusive for VZ series)

■ Pistol attachment

This attachment converts a standard driver to a pistol-style driver. 
□PAB-70 (compatible model:BL-7000)
□PAB-18PS (compatible model:VB-1820PS/VB-3012PS)
□PA-65 (compatible model:CL/SS/α series)
□PA-18/PA18PS (compatible model:VZ series)   

■ Angle attachment (HIOS Shank)

The angle attachment can be installed to the end of the screwdriver for screws that are in hard to reach places. 
ANGL-Z (compatible models:CL-6000/CL-6500/CL-7000α-6500 only lever start type)
(compatible models:VB-1820/VB-3012/VZ-1820/VZ-3012/VZ-3007)

■ Push start grip attachment

Converts the starting system of a lever start to push-start. 
□PS-1 (compatible models:CL-4000/SS-4000/α-4500/α-5000)
□PS-2 (compatible models:CL-3000/SS-3000)
This product was terminated in Nov.2011.

■ Screwdriver Cord

Flexible cord that is resistant to kinking or bending for heavy duty.
Flexible screwdriver cord
2m・・・・Compatible models:BL Series(5P)   
3m・・・・Compatible models:BL-OPC Series(6P)
Curled cord
The maximum extension 7.5m・・・・
Compatible models:CL/SS/α Series
Use this cord as an extension cord when the standard screwdriver cord is not long enough.
Extension cord
3m/5m・・・Compatible models BL/CL/SS/αSeries (5P)   

■ Vacuum pump (for suction screwdriver)

A vacuum is generated to pick up and hold the screw on the bit top. 

■ Screw range (for suction screwdriver)

Screws are inserted into the groove, which shakes to align the screw heads along the top. 
□Steel plate(Fe)
□Rubber plate

■ Spring balancer

Reduce the weights receive on a hand by hanging over a driver. 
□S (23cm) 
□H (65cm)

■ Shockless stand(for VZ series)

The shockless stand absorbs the recoil from high-torque fastening operation, Greatly reducing strain on the operator. Only push-start drivers can be used with the stand. 
□VZ18PS-SAS (Only push-start drivers can be used with the stand)

■ Carbon brush(for brush screwdriver)

Both carbon brushes should be replaced at the same time. 
□Table of carbon brushes and Hios model drivers

■ Torque adjustment nut protective cover(for VZ series)

Guards against accidental changes of the torque setting during operation. 

■ Hand support ring(for VZ series)

Reduces strain on the operator.
Helps operator’s job downward pressure. 


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