General Industry

EBARA’s products, technologies and services support every industry.
Pumps are used for steel industry, food industry,paper industry and many other industries all over the world.

High Pressure Descaling Pump

Pump for steel industry Many pumps are used in the steel industry. EBARA has delivered many high-pressure pumps called descaling pumps used to clear impurities on sheet steel surfaces in manufacturing processes.
EBARA’s pumps, which have high efficiency to satisfy the energy-consuming steel industry requirements and advanced performances to secure high-quality production, are highly regarded in the global steel industry.

Model: HSB/HDB
Design: Double case, Centerline support
Radial split, Multistage
Axial split Double Volute inner casing
Opposed impeller arrangement
Double suciotn 1st impeller for Model HDB
Full complicance with API 610
Low NPSH performance for Model HDB
Application: Water injection
Petrolemu refinery
Petrochemical industry
Boiler Feed
Ammonia Feed
Other industries
Capacity as Required
Head as Required
Temperature as Required
Flange Rating upto ANSI Class 2500 to Others are also available

Process Pump (OH1)

Model: IFW
Design: Foot support, Radial split
Single or Doubule Volute casing
Full cmopliance with ISO 2858
Back Pull Out design
Center top discharge (Self-venting)
Max. Parts Interchangeability
Application: Petrochemical Industry
Chemical Industry
Other Industries
Capacity upto 1,440m3/h (6,400 U.S.gpm)
Head upto 140m (470ft)
Discharg Pressure upto 16kgf/cm2 (Gauge Pressure) (230psigl (1.57MPa)
Max. Allowable Suction Pressure upto 9kgf/cm2 (Gauge Pressure) (130psigl (0.88MPa)
Temperature -50 -+ 200 (-60F -+ 390F)
Flange Rating upto ANSI Class 150 lb Others are also available


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