Water Resources

Pumps play important roles close to our daily lives including use in water supplies, flooding prevention, and seawater desalination.
We are highly regarded as the best pump manufacture in the business by society and customers with our superior technology and reliability bases on our real accomplishments since our foundation.

Seawater Desalination

21st century has been called the “century of water,” because the global water shortage will be a serious problem. Seawater desalination is humankind’s final solution for the global water shortage problem.
EBARA has a world-class delivery record of pumps for evaporation desalination plants, and is tackling the urgent task of enhancing products for reverse osmosis (RO membrane) desalination plants, which is becoming a mainstream in the market. EBARA’s technology supports the core of the desalination process, such as a high-pressure pump that presses high-pressure seawater to an RO element, and highly efficient energy recovery systems from concentrated seawater after taking out the fresh water.

Seawater Pump

Pumps with low cost, high quality and short lead time are achieved using two-phase stainless steel that has excellent performance against pitting corrosion and stress corrosion and steel welded casing.
This pump has many delivery records.

Flow: 34000m3/h
Head: 54.7m
Power: 6700kW
Material: Super Duplex SS


The Shanxi Wanjiazhai Yellow River Diversion Project, China
In the Wanjiazhai Yellow River Diversion Project, which was launched to solve the persistent water shortage problem in Shanxi Province in China, five pump stations were built to take the water from the middle of the Yellow River and deliver it through channels over a total distance of 270km and at an altitude difference of 632m.
This project is one of the largest water supply projects in the world, and makes high demands in terms of the water-feeding pumps; high-density sand, large capacity, high pressure, and high efficiency.

Vertical Centrifugal Volute Type Pumps

Flow: 6.45m3/s
Head: 140m
Power: 12,000kW


Drainage pump for Outer Tokyo metropolitan area storm drainage
This is the world’s largest drain-water pump facility with a total draining capacity of 200m3/s.
To reduce construction costs and improve reliability, state-of-the-art technologies are employed.

Flow: 50m3/s per unit
Head: 14m
Power: 10,297kW Gas Turbine


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