Oil & Gas, Petrochemical

Working in oil refineries and petrochemical plants all over the world High-performance pumps are essential and key products for oil refineries and petrochemical plants.
Our products meet precise requirement of quality and ensure reliable operation of plants.
EBARA has supplied numerous pumps to oil refineries and petrochemical plants all over the world.
EBARA also has many delivery records of cryogenic pumps which are used for processing LNG with an ultra-low temperature of -162 degrees centigrade.

Cryogenic pump

EBARA’s cryogenic pumps are actively working in many LNG plants, tankers, and bases all over the world.

Design: Vertical, Submergible motor driven Closed coupled, Radial split Single or Multistage Diffuser type casing with inducer Compact design Low NPSH performance Fixed type tor Model EC Canned type for Model ECC Retractable type for Model ECR
Appkication: LNG/LPG transportantion
Light Hydrocarbon Transfer
Capacity as Required
Head as Required
Temperature as Required
Flange Rating ANSI Flanges as standard Others are also available

Seawater Pump

Pumps with low cost, high quality and short lead time are achieved using two-phase stainless steel that has excellent performance against pitting corrosion and stress corrosion and steel welded casing.
This pump has many delivery records.

Flow: 34,000m3/h
Head: 54.7m
Power: 6700kW
Material: Super Duplex SS

High Pressure Double Case Pump (BB5)

Model: HSB/HDB
Design: Double case, Centerline support
Radial split, Multistage
Axial split Double Volute inner casing
Opposed impeller arrangement
Double suciotn 1st impeller for Model HDB
Full complicance with API 610
Low NPSH performance for Model HDB
Application: Water injectin
Petroleum refinery
Petrochemical industry
Boier Feed
Ammonia Feed
Other industries
Capacity as Required
Head as Required
Temperature as Required
Flange Rating upto ANSI Class 2500 to Others are also available

Carbamate feed pump

Model : SSP
Design: Centerline support, Ring section
Multistage, Diffuser type casing
Opposed impeller arrangementB
Application: Urea Solution feed
Capacity upto 200m3/h (800 U.S. gpm)
Head upto 2,100m (6,890ft)
Temperature as Required
Flange Rating upto ANSI Class 2,500 lb Others are also available

Process Pump (OH2)

Model: UCW
Full compliance with API 610 and API 682 specifications.
Capacities: To 1,920m3/h (8,450 USGPM)
Heads: To 380m (1,250ft)
Max. working pressures: Consistant with the pressure ratings of ANSI Class 300 flanges as a standard.Higher pressure ratings are available.
Rotation Clockwise viewed from coupling end
Impeller: Enclosed
Temperatures: -100C to 450C (-150F to 850F)
Flanges: ANSI Class 300 as standard
Nozzles: End-Top/Top-Top
Stuffing box: Suitable for conventional packing & mechanical seal

Process Pump (OH1)

Model: IFW
Design: Foot support, Radial split
Single or Double Volute casing
Full Compliance with ISO 2858
Back Pull Out design
Center top discharge(Self-venting)
Max. Parts Interchangeability
Application: Petrochemical industry
Chemical industry
Other industries
Capacity upto 1,440m3/h (6,400 U.S.gpm)
Head upto 140m (470ft)
Discharg Pressure upto 16kgf/cm2 (Gauge Pressure) (230psigl (1.57MPa)
Max. Allowable Suction Pressure upto 9kgf/cm2 (Gauge Pressure) (130psigl (0.88MPa)
Temperature -50 -+ 200 (-60F -+ 390F)
Flange Rating upto ANSI Class 150 lb Others are also available


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