Extended periods of highly precise torque control and superior durability lead to reliable product quality control.
Expendable parts have been eliminated while the design allows a long operating life with a vastly reduced number of operating problems and malfunctions.
There are no external carbon powder emissions, resulting in clean electrical parts and operating environment.
There is no heat generated by the motor, with no heat related problems with extended periods of use. The driver is also energy efficient.
It provides clean environments to the electronic part and office.
□BL Series
□VB Series

■Real-Time OK/Error Detecting Screwdriver

Installed three functions of “Tighten,” “Check,” “Save”
Pass-guard “Tighten,”Check,”Save
Instantly determines if a screw passes or fails (OK/NG). (Items checked: torque and time)
All items can be checked at the same time as work is conducted.
Torque can be managed for each tightening procedure.
Can be connected to a PC for data recording.
Clear all the fastening problems such as insufficient torque, screw lift, tightened diagonally and provides reliable fastening system.
Work data can be checked at a glance.
□PG(Pass-guard) Series

■Screwdriver for screw counter

Operates with the screw counter BLOP-STC3 to ensure that all screws are tightened.
The screwdriver can be operated in ordinary and reverse directions as well as providing torque increase signals (after screw tightening is complete).


□BL-OPC Series
□VB-OPC Series

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