Weight Controller Literature
F805A 2.02MB
F805A CK 3.78MB
F805A FB 3.78MB
F805A CF 3.78MB
F805A MD 3.78MB
F805A BC 3.78MB
F800 85KB
F850 62KB
F850-X1 292KB
F850-X2 86KB
F860 178KB
F701 129KB
F701-C 1.75MB
F741-C 1.85MB
F600A 1.84MB
F741-M 98KB
F741 51KB
F770 271KB
F158 94KB
F159 1.48MB
Dynamic Force Processor Literature
F381 781KB
F395 671KB
F372&F377 3.70MB
F370&F371 3.27MB
F350 807KB
F340A 909KB
F320 360KB
F130 834KB
F490 1.87MB
DS252 384KB
Data Logger / Recorder Literature
UL120 65KB
Network System Support Tool
Please find UNIPULSE Network System Support Tool as below. Please select the product you wish and click the download button on the right side of the product code for EDS File *1and for CPS file *2. (If your download doesn’t start automatically right click on the mouse and click on `SAVE AS SCHEME` file will save in zip file.
EDS file is a special formatted ASCII file which defined in `DeviceNet Specification Sheet`. This file is imported to DeviceNet Specification tool for configuring various settings.
CPS file is an XML file, developed by OMRON for corresponding FA integration tool. This file is imported to CX-One Application software for configuring various setting.
DeviceNet EDS file CX-One CPS file
Weight Controller Literature Weight Controller Literature
F805A F159
F805A-CK Digital Indicator Literature
F805 F130
F600A Weight Controller Literature
Digital Indicator Literature F741-C

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